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Weight Reduction

Driving Down Vehicle Weight

Reducing Weight

Rapidly rising fuel prices are forcing car manufacturers to improve the efficiency of their cars by any means possible.  Development of new systems with complete rethinking of design elements requires extensive R&D for tailoring the system. 


Fact -- Increases in small car demand to drive down average vehicle weight, with a reduction of 8 to 15kg year-on-year in the U.S. and Europe.



Lightweight electric power assisted steering systems  (EPAS) are already being adopted.  To help car manufacturers meet the ever challenging CO2  emission targets, the traditional hydraulic steering system is being replaced by the lighter and more cost-effective EPAS systems.  So much so, some analysts predict that a staggering 10.7 million EPAS systems will be fitted to vehicles built in Western Europe by 2013. 


As fuel prices continue to rise, manufacturers are keen to consider each and every technique that can decrease the overall weight of the car in order to increase efficiency further. 


Saint-Gobain Performance Plastics' NORGLIDE® bearings and RENCOL® tolerance rings are beneficial in accommodating these weight reduction demands -- not only in automotive applications -- but all industrial and consumer applications where weight reduction requirements are necessary.



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