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NORSLIDE® Cable Liners

Norslide Cable LinersNORSLIDE® Cable Liners are sliding tubes made by the paste extrusion method.  Based on our extensive knowledge in high performance materials, our in-house R&D and test facilities, and the ongoing dialogue with our customers, guarantees the high technical standard.



Compounds Compounds

In the case of NORSLIDE®, the inherent properties of PTFE, particularly its abrasion resistance and specific compression load, can be improved by the addition of Saint-Gobain's in-house developed compounds. 


On the one hand, the material's behaviour is governed by parameters like temperature, pressure and time.  On the other hand, the addition of fillers (e.g. glass, EKONOL, PPSO2,  PPS, and a few more) to the PTFE resin allows enhancing some of its properties.  For instance, hardness, pressure, tensile strength, wear resistance, as well as thermal conductivity can be increased, whereas the thermal expansion and creepage decrease.


The ultimate degree of material alteration will always depend on the application.  To ease differentiation, colour pigments can be used.   


NORSLIDE® incorporates all above mentioned properties.  We will be happy to help you in selecting the proper quality NORSLIDE® compound.



NORSLIDE® EKO-B Cable Liners

PPS-filled PTFE tube for higher actuating forces


Main application:  liner for heavy duty cables

NORSLIDE® EKO-V Cable Liners

Virginal (no fillers) PTFE tube with excellent chemical properties


Main applications:  pressure hose tube, fluid transportation, liner for light duty cables

NORSLIDE® EKO-G Cable Liners

Glass-filled PTFE tube with improved dimensional stability


Main application:  liner bike/bicycle cables

NORSLIDE® EKO-E Cable Liners

EKONOL®-filled PTFE for excellent efficiency at higher forces


Main application:  liner for heavy duty cables