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Fluoropolymers have been used as bearing materials for over 50 years.  Since its discovery in 1938, Poly Tetra Fluoro Ethylene has continuously been developed and improved.  The addition of appropriate fillers gives the material specific properties which alter its strength and coefficient of friction and enable it to perform a large variety of tasks.  Tape bearings modified this way (a blank of PTFE tape formed under temperature) are the origin of our bearings program.


Maintenance-free, wear resistant NORGLIDE® bearings are used for automotive and other industrial applications.



Pure (virgin) PTFE is a soft, electrically insulating material with the lowest coefficient of friction of all known solid materials. 


With the addition of fillers, properties like creep, or electrical conductivity can be optimized while maintaining the excellent sliding characteristics of PTFE.



Glass fiber / graphite compoundGlass fibers increase the load carrying capability and reduce wear and creep.  Graphite minimizes initial wear.
Carbon / graphite compoundCarbon assumes a similar function as glass fibers, but is less abrasive on the mating contact surface.
EKONOL® compoundEKONOL® is a special aromatic polyester which improves the wear resistance and lowers the coefficient of friction.  This compound is recommended for high-speed sliding operations and soft mating surfaces.
Electrically conductive compoundsWith the addition of selected fillers, we can tailor the electrical conductivity of the bearing.  The total electrical resistance depends on the contact surface between the bearing and shaft, size, active surface load and the material thickness.


Electrically conductive bearings are used for electrostatic discharge, not for conducting electrical current.  They are most valuable in the cathodic dip-coating of assemblies.

Non-conductive compoundsElectrically non-conductive bearings reduce paint build-up on the bearing surfaces and help improve paint quality.


Note:  NORGLIDE® bearings, formerly known as NORTON® bearings and bushings.


NORGLIDE® H Bearings

High-temperature resistance, maintenance-free bearing with steel backing.


When bonded to steel, NORGLIDE® MP turns into NORGLIDE® M.  Material maintains sizing capability to a large extent with the capability of higher loads.


Combines steel and tape to provide noise and vibration damping properties and light-weight construction.


The PTFE bearing with best load-carrying capabilities known on the market today.  Its complex composition -- steel plate, structured bronze layer with encapsulated PTFE sliding layer -- its load-bearing capability is almost twice as much as other NORGLIDE® bearings.


A plastic material which allows the large-scale production of bearings. 


When bonded to steel, NORGLIDE® S turns into NORGLIDE® SM.  Material maintains sizing capability to a large extent with the capability of higher loads.


The bronze stretched metal is separately precompressed and the PTFE compound tape is thinner, providing for improved load capabilities while reducing tolerance compensation.


Bearing solutions for your concentrated solar power units (CSP)

NORGLIDE® Yoke Bearings for Automotive

NORGLIDE Yoke Bearings Video (You Tube)

This video demonstrates how NORGLIDE® yoke bearings compare to conventional bearings.  » NORGLIDE® Yoke Bearings Video (YouTube)

Video Feature

LH Thomson Reaches Out to Saint-Gobain for NORGLIDE® Bearing Technology

 NORGLIDE Bearing Bicycle Technology

Saint-Gobain demonstrates engineering expertise with the development-design of its NORGLIDE custom composite bearing for LH Thomson's Elite Dropper mountain-bike seat post.  » See complete video (YouTube)

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We contribute to a better environment by producing our NORGLIDE® maintenance free bearings:  Heavy metal free; chrome VI free; PfOA free and guaranteeing the highest quality.



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