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Industrial Pumps and Valves

Industrial MarketSaint-Gobain Performance Plastics fulfills your critical Industrial pump and valve applications with its complete line of NORGLIDE® bearings and RENCOL® tolerance rings.  Our team of application engineers will help you specify the appropriate product based on your specific needs.





Where else can you find product benefits such as these:


  • Chemical resistant (inert) with broad compatibility
  • Temperature stability through wide range
  • Medium to high-load capabilities
  • Low friction (NORGLIDE® bearings)
  • No moisture expansion
  • Long-term durability / maintenance free
  • Fluid-noise reduction
  • No leakage
  • Easy to assemble
  • Easier maintenance (RENCOL® tolerance ring bearing mount)



Industrial Pumps and Valves

NORGLIDE® and RENCOL® Products


Fulfilling the Demands of the Industrial Pumps and Valves Market




 Hydraulic Piston Pump

  • Off-highway Construction Equipment
  • Chemical Processing
  • Hydraulic Equipment
  • Oil and Gas


  • To facilitate movement between the piston pump shaft and cylinder block, reducing friction and ensuring longevity of hydraulic pumps.
  • To ensure consistent low friction levels and no metal-to-metal contact for higher pump efficiency and less energy use. This is particularly critical in the light of the new regulations, including the US Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) Tier 4 and the EU Stage IV to be fully implemented by 2015 and demanding manufacturers to significantly lower carbon dioxide emissions.
  • To extend the “meantime between repairs” by minimising or eliminating downtime associated with hydraulic piston pumps maintenance.  
  • NORGLIDE® composite bearing's PTFE liner is self-lubricating, offering consistent controlled friction for smooth movement over life and enhanced energy efficiency of hydraulic pumps.
  • NORGLIDE® composite bearing's split-ring design is smaller and lighter than conventional alternatives for pump applications. Their backings are manufactured from steel or lightweight materials such as aluminum. This design enables system suppliers to develop lighter, more compact mechanisms that offer the same high quality performance as traditional solutions to help industrial manufacturers comply with carbon emission reduction legislation.
  • The PTFE liner acts as a dry lubricant, meaning that NORGLIDE® composite bearings can operate without grease or oil. They are 100% maintenance-free, eliminate downtime and enhance efficiency especially during the start of a pump operation, when a small amount of oil is in the system.
  • NORGLIDE® composite bearings are corrosion resistant and can operate at temperatures up to 260°C ensuring long machine life even in the extreme environments in which the application will be operating.
  • Can be customised to fit a number of specific application requirements.
  • Lead-free, no heavy metals, reducing environmental impact.

 Gas Valve Design



  • To mount a shaft in a gas valve seal, with the ability to provide drive and in addition allow the valve seal to "float", thus maintaining full time contact with the valve seal throughout the valve's working life
  • The tolerance ring must allow the seal to float under only 30g of pressure, while providing 1Nm of torque and 5° of float through 360° in the Y axis.
  • The existing design utilises a hex drive arrangement with adhesives to fix the assembly.


Mount gas valve seat to shaft using an SV type RENCOL® tolerance ring



  • Greater ease of assembly
  • Large reduction in machining costs
  • Reduction in assembly operations
  • More flexibility
  • Huge cost savings

    Industrial Gas Valve

 Valve Efficiency


Radial valve efficiency can be further enhanced by the use of tolerance rings to mount disks to the valve spindle.  This provides a means of accommodating minor misalignment of the spindle while ensuring the mating disks of the valve remain parallel. 


Each tolerance ring is a circular spring steel fastener with wave forms around its circumference.  The wave forms locate against the mating annular surfaces to form a secure joint.


In valve applications, it is common for spindles to be spring-loaded so that the mating disks remain in close contact at all times.  However, the spring mechanism can tend to push the spindle slightly out of alignment.  If the disk is immovably fixed to the spindle, then valve efficiency will be compromised since the mating disks will no longer be exactly parallel.


Designed specifically to hold the disk in position while allowing it to slip slightly relative to the spindle, the RENCOL® tolerance ring neatly and cost-effectively solves the problem.


 Pumps and Valves
 Vertical and Horizontal Butterfly Valves
 Ball Valves


NORGLIDE® is a full line of PTFE high performance bearings designed for the most diversified requirements.  Selecting the proper combination of PTFE and substrate materials for each application is the core of our success.  NORGLIDE bearings which are maintenance-free, offer a low coefficient of friction for smooth, noiseless operation.  They are lead-free and can be made in a variety of custom sizes and shapes for any pump or valve application.


  • Corrosion resistance for extreme environments and climates with special alloys such as Inconel-625
  • Operating temperature range of -200°C to 260°C (intermittent to 300°C)
  • Maintenance-free PTFE based self lubrication
  • Low coefficient of friction reduces "stick slip"
  • Custom compounded material outperforms traditional bearing material
  • Sizable liner for optimal fit
  • Available in custom sizes to fit specific applications
  • PTFE compound eliminates noise and squeaks
  • Lead-free, no heavy metals
  • Constant torque for low wear and smooth operation




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