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HDD MarketRENCOL® Tolerance Rings for the Hard Disk Drive (HDD) Market

RENCOL® Tolerance Rings (interference bands) can be used to mount the bearing assembly or bearing cartridge into the drive. This is a key link within the disk drive and significantly improves resonance and torque ripple performance.  This is achieved while reducing the overall cost of the assembly due to the quick assembly cycle time associated with the RENCOL® solution.


Through an R&D approach, the RENCOL® tolerance ring continues to be developed to meet the new challenges that exist with the progress of every new product generation.  This technically led approach has resulted in the RENCOL® tolerance ring solution to be included in almost 60% of the world’s 2.5” and 3.5” Hard Disk Drives.


Cost competitive with the set screw and performance competitive with adhesive, RENCOL® tolerance rings provide the best of both worlds.



  • Low cost
  • Increased resonance performance
  • Reduced torque ripple
  • Quick assembly time, leading to reduced manufacturing costs
  • Allows for easy reworking
  • Allows increased tolerances on mating components




RENCOL® Tolerance Ring Products

Bearing Mount in Hard Disk Drive


RENCOL®  tolerance rings
 (interference bands) boost drive performance

HDD, Rencol Tolerance Ring Solutions



For the disk drive manufacturers trying to accommodate more and more data bits on the surface of a media disk, performance parameters are becoming increasingly stringent.  Costs are continuously spiraling down, as performance increases.  Resonance performance, torque ripple and manufacturing costs are being increasingly squeezed. 


RENCOL® tolerance rings/interference bands can be used to mount the bearing assembly or bearing cartridge into the drive.HDD, Rencol Ring  This is a key link within the disk drive and allows the performance to be improved. 


Hard Disk Drive
Comparative Solutions

 Spring ClipSet ScrewAdhesiveRENCOL®
Tolerance Ring
Component CostHDD, CheckmarkHDD, CheckmarkHDD, CheckmarkHDD, Checkmark
Assembly CostHDD, CheckmarkHDD, Checkmark HDD, Checkmark
Torque RippleHDD, Checkmark HDD, CheckmarkHDD, Checkmark
Resonance  HDD, CheckmarkHDD, Checkmark
Ease of reworkHDD, CheckmarkHDD, Checkmark HDD, Checkmark

HDD, Checkmark


HDD, Checkmark



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RENCOL® Tolerance Rings

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