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25 November 2013
Saint-Gobain Constructs Industrial Pump Solutions for Tomorrow

Ahead of two industry events in Europe and the US, International Pumps Symposium, Texas, US, and Pumps and Valves 2013, Rotterdam, Netherlands, Saint-Gobain has announced its vision for the future of the pumps industry.

01 November 2013
Industry Expert Shines Headlights on Automobile Future

Saint-Gobain explains how small parts will make a big difference to the automotive industry   Ahead of international car interiors conference Automotive Seating Reloaded 2013, Germany,

27 September 2013
RENCOL® Tolerance Ring Manufacturer Turns Volume Up on HDD Future Plans

Leading manufacturer of RENCOL® Tolerance Rings for Hard Disk Drive (HDD) manufacturers, Saint-Gobain has announced its vision for the future of the industry.

18 September 2013
Saint-Gobain Gears Up for Future of Cycling

Industry experts explain how small parts will make a big difference to industry outlook

17 June 2013
IG London Nocturne Returns to the City

IG London Nocturne, Sponsored by Saint-Gobain’s NORGLIDE® Composite Bearings, Returns to the City   Unprecedented crowds of more than 15,000 descended on Smithfield Market, London, on the 8th June 2013 for the IG London Nocturne night-time bike race.

13 June 2013
Saint-Gobain Announces Strategic Initiatives in Renewable Energy

Composite bearings technology provides long-term solution for solar and wind applications    An early glimpse into the 2013 Annual Energy Outlook from the US  Energy Information Administration reveals that increased generation from renewable energy is expected to account for 32 percent of the overall domestic growth in electricity generation from 2011 to 2040.

04 June 2013
Saint-Gobain Pumps Up Global Presence in Off-Highway Construction Equipment

Composite Bearings Manufacturer Enters Pumps Market in Europe and Asia   Building on its success in the construction and industrial pumps market in the US, Saint-Gobain Performance Plastics has launched its innovative NORGLIDE® composite bearings solutions for hydraulic pump technology in heavy-duty vehicles throughout Europe and Asia.