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race road bike bicycleNORGLIDE® Composite Bushings and RENCOL® Tolerance Rings for the Bicycle Market


110 million bicycles (bikes) are produced each year and this is set to increase in the coming years.




The use of NORGLIDE® and RENCOL® products for bicycles produce the following benefits:


  • low friction liner, reduces "stick slip"
  • aluminum backing for super light weight
  • corrosion resistant materials
  • "sizable" ID for optimal fit
  • customer sizes and shapes
  • relaxed tolerances
  • reduction of noise and vibration
  • simplified assembly
  • consistent assembly forces
  • fast prototyping
  • engineering/technical support


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» An interview with Norco's Engineering Manager, P.J. Hunton  Read about Norco's continued plans for NORGLIDE® composite bearings in suspension frame pivots and more.

» NORGLIDE® bearings are used in the headset assembly of Trek's new top-end 6 Series Madone SSL.


» NORGLIDE® bushings used in Cane Creek Double Barrel for the new Intense 951 FRO mountain bike. 



NORGLIDE® and RENCOL® Products

Innovative Solutions for the Bicycle Market

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Bicycle Headset1  HEADSET

A NORGLIDE® composite bushing provides a lightweight, low friction replacement to sealed rolling element bearings.


2   BRAKE LEVERBicycle Brake Lever

Use a NORGLIDE® composite bushing to provide a low friction, low clearance upgrade for your lever pivots.


3   FORKSBicycle Forks

Use NORGLIDE® composite bushings to provide a low friction, low "stick slip" solution in front suspensions.  NORGLIDE® features aluminum backing for lightweight and mates well with aluminum and or magnesium castings.


4   PEDALSBicycle Pedals

Utilize NORGLIDE® composite bushings to provide a lightweight, low friction replacement for axle-shaft rolling element bearings and plastic bushings.


5   FRONT DERAILLEURBicycle Front Derailer

NORGLIDE® composite bushings offer a low friction, lightweight solution with excellent corrosion resistance in front derailleur pivots.


6   REAR DERAILLEURBicycle Derailleur

Use a NORGLIDE® composite bushing to replace plain and plastic bearings. NORGLIDE® will provide a lightweight low friction, corrosion resistant solution in derailleur applications.


Bicycle Brake Cantilever7   BRAKE CANTILEVER

NORGLIDE® composite bushings will provide a low friction, lightweight, corrosion resistant solution in your brake pivots.  Utilize a low friction cylinder, flange or washer with an interference fit for the perfect feel.


8   REAR SUSPENSIONBicycle Rear Suspension

NORGLIDE® bushings are a corrosion resistant and low friction alternative to any current eyelet bushings and with different load-carrying options available.

  • Suspension Seat Post
  • Bottom Bracket

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Design and Development

We have extensive in house design, test and R&D capabilities, and using our international technical centres for local customer support, we are able to rapidly develop NORGLIDE® Bearings and RENCOL® Tolerance Rings to meet individual customer requirements around the world.  This enables us to offer the following benefits:

  • Customised solutions to solve your design engineering problems
  • In house design and development department allows for rapid prototyping
  • Comprehensive testing equipment allowing for early stage validation of designs in customerBike Headset Test Equipment components
    • Pedal test equipment -- testing performed to European Standard CEN 14781
    • Headset test equipment


NORGLIDE® bearings are an excellent replacement substitute for ball bearings, needle bearings, traditional plastic and steel bearings.



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» For more details or information on how we can help you with product solutions in bicycle  applications, please visit Sales and Support  for regional contact information, or Contact Us directly with your enquiry.


NORGLIDE® Bearings

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RENCOL® Tolerance Rings

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Video Feature

LH Thomson Reaches Out to Saint-Gobain for NORGLIDE® Bearing Technology

 NORGLIDE Bearing Bicycle Technology

Saint-Gobain demonstrates engineering expertise with the development-design of its NORGLIDE custom composite bearing for LH Thomson's Elite Dropper mountain-bike seat post.  » See complete video (YouTube)

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