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Crown Rings

A RENCOL® crown ring can be a SV or HV style ring with fingers instead of waves.  These fingers are designed to withstand large tolerances and absorb vibrations/movement.   This type of ring is generally used for large radial clearances of less than or equal to 3mm. 

Flanged Rings


RENCOL® HV ring with flanged end (a protruding rim that surrounds the circumference of the material) used for axial control or limiter, for example in sterring column collapse mechanisms. 

HV Rings

The RENCOL® HV style ring is "open" in the free state so that when installed inside a bore, the ring will conform to that bore and be self retaining.  The ring sits in the housing with waves on the inside to be compressed by the outer diameter of the mating part.

HVL Rings

The HVL style may be  described as a very light duty HV style ring.  It is often characteristic of this ring to not have a circular shape in free state.  This ring is generally used as a bearing mount where bearings are required to 'float' axially.

HVT Rings

RENCOL® tabbed rings have extra parts of material that extend at 90° off the plannish.  These tabs help to prevent the tolerance ring "walking out" in high vibration environments.


JOINSHIM® rings are corrugated metal strips that act as radial fasteners offering a low, cost effective retention solution for joining mating cylindrical parts.  These frictional fasteners assembly quickly and provide retention to

Multiplex Rings

RENCOL® single piece ring, but with two or three sets of waves in parallel giving increased performance.  This simplifies the machining requirements on mating components.

NORGLIDE® H Bearings

NORGLIDE® H-type is a composite material based on the design of NORGLIDE® T bearings (tape and steel backing). 

NORGLIDE® M Bearings

Maintenance free bearing with steel backing NORGLIDE® is a composite material of NORGLIDE® MP bearing tape and steel backing. This combination of material improves load capabilities while maintaining the characteristics of


Norglide®  MP Bearing Maintenance free, flexible bearing tape NORGLIDE&reg MP is a maintenance free bearing material with a woven metal fabric encapsulated in a wear resistant PTFE compound which offers


NORGLIDE® PRO is a steel material with a polygon-structured bronze layer on one side.  Encapsulated in the polygon structure is a sliding layer of compounded PTFE tape.  This combination of materials provides much higher load-carrying capabilities.

NORGLIDE® SM is a composite material of compounded PTFE, bronze stretched metal and steel backing. This material structure combines the bearing characteristics of PTFE compound tape with the sizing capabilities of stretched metal.


Maintenance free bearing with steel backing   NORGLIDE® SMTL is a composite material of compounded PTFE, bronze stretched metal and steel backing. In contrast to NORGLIDE® SM, the

NORGLIDE® T Bearings

NORGLIDE® T is a composite material of compounded PTFE tape on a metal shell. This material structure enables machining of the bearing in the housing--which is an alternative to the sizing process--to obtain tightest tolerances on the inside diameter.

RENCOL® Tolerance Rings, Technical

Rencol Tolerance Rings are precision spring fasteners that are press fitted between two mating components.  This generates a retention force that fixes those components together, while also satisfying other functional requirements such as

SOLGLIDE® Bearings

SOLGLIDE® Bearings for Concentrated Solar Power Units -- SOLGLIDE® bearings are high performance bearings, engineered and tailor made according to your demands.   SOLGLIDE® M, Subtype "SS" Bearings SOLGLIDE® M Bearings

SV Rings

RENCOL® SV style rings have a free-state diameter smaller than the shaft diameter over which they are to be installed, so that when mounted to the shaft, the rings conform to and become self-retaining on the shaft.  The ring sits on the shaft with waves on the outside to be compressed by the bore of the housing.