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Saint-Gobain is a global leader in the design, production and distribution of innovative, high performance materials. Saint-Gobain has a global workforce of more than 195,000 employees representing over 64 countries.


Saint-Gobain Performance Plastics, High Performance Bearings group, is a global division supplying high volume international OEMs (Original Equipment Manufacturers) in various markets including automotive, leisure and industrial.


Backed by the proud heritage of product innovation, technology, advanced material and market leadership, we are dedicated to working with our customers using our engineering expertise to deliver standard and custom solutions in NORGLIDE® plain bearings and RENCOL® tolerance rings -- products that meet the most demanding automotive and other industry applications.

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NORGLIDE® Bearings

NORGLIDE® bearings are self-lubricating, lead free, plain bearings, custom manufactured to reduce maintenance and lower friction and are available with a flexible bearing tape or with a metallic backing.
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Brand Promise, NORGLIDE® bearings and RENCOL® tolerance rings

RENCOL® Tolerance Rings

RENCOL® tolerance rings are spring mechanical elements which are assembled between shafts and housings to solve problems with their interaction.
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Saint-Gobain Capabilities BrochureNew Capabilities Brochure

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Video Feature

NORGLIDE® Bearings for Automotive Hinges

NORGLIDE® Bearings for Automotive Hinges

See our latest video demonstrating NORGLIDE Bearings in Automotive Hinge systems for weight and space savings, improvements in the painting process, noise free performance and more.

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